5 Unique Yoga Retreats in Hawaii

Aloha! I know it’s the end of the summer, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t look forward to our next holiday. Maybe you’re already dreading the upcoming winter. Then I have good news for you! Here are some Yoga Retreats in Hawaii you might like to attend!

Yoga on Hawaii

Ok, I know it sounds obvious to do some yoga on Hawaii, Tropical atmosphere, beaches, lovely nature. Why wouldn’t I state the obvious? Well, the retreats that I’m going to talk about are not just any ordenary yoga retreats! They are distinguishing themselves by taking it a step further.

This means that you will get offered just a little bit extra than just yoga. Whether it’s from yoga and surfing to getting a nice healing sound bath during your retreat!

On the map below you’ll already see the spots that I’ve picked out for you.

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Why Hawaii?

There are a lot of reasons of course why to go to Hawaii. First of all, the climate. Temperatures are quite steady, although there is a rainy season and a dry season. But even in the rainy season it can be quite enjoyable. This because most rainfall only falls during the night and on a retreat you’re probably not gonna hit the club anyway. So, after a full day program you can just relax with a cup of tea hearing the rainfall.

That said, you’d probably like to know when the rainy season is. So the most rainfall to be counted is during the months December and January. With an average of 3.5 inches (about 90mm) per month. Those are also the coldest months on Hawaii. However, the difference just is a couple of degrees colder in comparison to the summer months of July and August.

Besides the mild and sunny climate of Hawaii, there is a lot more to see. Hawaii has been formed by tectonic plates shoving against each other and became volcanoes. That together makes that you can have some stunning views if you are up for a hike on some of the volcanoes out there. If not, it’s also nice to just look at them ;).

This is how the islands got formed, and something typical about an island is: beaches! Yes, there are beaches all over Hawaii, and because it’s in the middle of the pacific ocean, it’s also a surfer’s paradise. If you’re not up for it, there are also some other options that might suite you down here ;).

There are also a lot of protected areas on the islands of Hawaii, which means that you are going to be able to walk through pristine nature, where mostly also some trails go. Protected also means that they want to preserve the area as it is, so I just want to emphesize that you always have to leave everything as it was before you came, or even better (pick up some litter if you find some, for example).

The only note that I have to say, is that Hawaii can be quite expensive, it’s an island, so they have to import everything from the mainland of the U.S. which elevates the prices. However, I always try to keep an eye on retreats that are completely all-inclusive (except for your plane ticket), to make sure the cost won’t be to high for you.

If you decide to go on a retreat, then also read this article about how to prepare yourself! For US citizens: you don’t need a travel passport to visit Hawaii!

That was a bit about Hawaii, now we are going on to the Yoga Retreats that I have picked out for you! Have a look and see if there is something there for you!

5 Yoga Retreats for You

Buddhifool World

Image courtesy of Buddhifool on BookYogaRetreats

The first one on the list is a really special one that I have found for you. This is a completely new-fusioned style of yoga. Buddhifool World, or Buddhi yoga is a high paced style combined with dance and powerful movements. If you are looking for a real active holiday, then I’d definetly go for this one. The classes are thought by Felicia Lubertazzi who learned this style from the founder of Buddhifool.

So because of the high energy class of this style this retreat might not be for everyone. I wouldn’t suggest it to people who are really going for deep relaxation. I would recommend it though to people who are active or want to lose some weight, or even people that are adventerous and don’t like to stay in one place. Read this article here to see if losing with yoga is a myth or not.

Image courtesy of Buddhifool on BookYogaRetreats

Not only is the style itself quite powerful, but you’re not staying on one location! You will do some exploration of the Big Island, seeing some beautiful nature and doing some yoga at the same time.

The transportation of the whole trip is included (except for your flight ticket and initial transfer to the first accommodation). So is breakfast. Every day you will have either lunch or dinner on the house. This means that you will have to buy one meal yourself. I’ve mentioned before that I always try to see if there is an all-inclusive pack, this option doesn’t really have that, but because of all the other things that are included, I couldn’t leave this retreat out.

Click here if you’d like to see the full itinerary and how to reach this place if you decide to take this package!

Sisters of Spirit Hawaii

Sorry fellas, but this retreat is a yoga retreat for women only! Don’t be sad, just scroll on to the next on while I give some more details for our sisters here.

Image courtesy of Sisters of Spirit on BookYogaRetreats

This one is a very special one. This is not just a retreat to relax, but it’s almost therapeutical as well. Not only will you get yoga classes, but they also focus on photography and other rituals for a good cleansing and energy healing. It sounds a bit heavy, but it depends on what you want to get out of it of course.

They do sharing sessions, art sessions, they make trips, etc.

Because it’s a very intimiate and personal experience, they only allow eight women to attend. I think that’s a very fair number as bigger groups might have some chaotic energy with them. Which then again might disturb the whole group. The downside of this is, that if there is one person you don’t like, you will have to put up with her for the rest of the trip.

That said, breakfast is included, other meals aren’t. With this one, though, your transfer from and to the airport is provided by the group leaders.

If you are ready to go into the depth of your emotions, click here for more information.

Image courtesy of Sisters of Spirit on BookYogaRetreats

Lumi Yoga

Lumi Yoga is offering a 7 day yoga and surf retreat in Waialua. They say that their retreat is for all-levels. So, if you have decided that you wanted to learn how to surf, this might be your opportunity!

Your instructors will be Reetta and Jykä Päällysaho, both owners of Lumi Yoga. They live in Hawaii and they are passionate about yoga and surfing.

Image courtesy of Lumi Yoga on BookYogaRetreats

During this retreat you’ll be getting a more powerful style of yoga combined with restorative yoga, which is a nice way to put your body up to the limits but at the same time also very relaxing. There will be 4 sessions per day. Which means that you will get a lot of yoga for the price that you are paying!

Besides that they also offer 3 surf classes and 1 art class during this week. The art class might be a nice addition as well, although I wouldn’t book the retreat just for that art class. It might be a nice release for your creativity, but to really make a point I’d rather have a couple of classes.

Breakfast, dinner and snacks are included, which means that you will have to pay for your lunch. But for this whole package that you are getting that might be worth it, and if you are not that hungry during lunch time, maybe a snack for you will be enough then.

If you are ready to do some surfing and some intensive yoga sessions, click here for more information.

Image courtesy of Lumi Yoga on BookYogaRetreats

Maui Mystical Alchemy Retreats

This retreat is actually one of my favorite retreats. It only got on the bottom of the list because of its length. The retreat Donny and Heather offer is just 4 days long, which for me (living in Portugal) doesn’t really pursue me to jump on a plane and go to Hawaii.

Image Courtesy of Maui Mystical Alchemy Retreats on BookYogaRetreats

However, the program they offer is quite dense. And I mean this in a good way. In those four days time you’ll get a lot in return. You’ll be getting two-hours yoga and sound healing per day. Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but a sound bath might go deep. Together with that they offer you a journal where you can write down your own inner journey.

Besides that you’ll also get a Healing session from Heather, which is optional, but I’d do it anyway :D. And you’ll get a coaching session from Donny.

In the accommodation there is an infra-red sauna and hot tub available as well as a mini gym. Plant based breakfast and lunch are also available.

If you’d like to know more or you want to give yourself a healing sound bath, click here for more information on this retreat and it’s instructors.

Image Courtesy of Maui Mystical Alchemy Retreats on BookYogaRetreats

JetSweat Escape

A few years ago there was suddenly this new trend, kind of combining surfing with yoga in one, SUP Yoga. Doing yoga on a surf board. Man, I thought doing yoga on my mat could already be challenging ;).

Image courtesy of JetSweat Escape on BookYogaRetreats

This retreat is offering two sessions per day, which can be yoga or some fitness. One whole day you’ll be having off, which means that yo can just relax the entire day, go on a field trip, or do some more yoga on your own. Besides that, within the price they’ve also added a SUP excursion!

Meals are all included within the price, just as you transfer from and to the airport.

If you want to know more about this retreat, click here for more information.

Image courtesy of JetSweat Escape on BookYogaRetreats


That was it about yoga retreats on Hawaii! Still didn’t find what you were looking for? Then try this link to see if there is something more fitting to you in Hawaii.

Do you have your own experience or do you want me to find the perfect retreat for you? Then please leave something in the comment section below!

And for now:

Nama-stay wonderful!


  1. Stella


    I have never been to Hawaii, but know it is a beautiful island and the people are very warm.

    The only yoga I like is Bikram or Hot Yoga, but I guess being in Hawaii on a yoga retreat will be hot anyway because of the weather.  I have not been on a holiday for some time now, but am working on getting funds to travel to the States where I have family.  

    Meanwhile, I shall stick to travelling in England!

    Thanks for a moving review of Hawaii retreats.

    All the best!

  2. Chloe

    This is an experience anyone would live to have. I must say I’m impressed with these  with the detailed and nice explanation about this retreat. I have not been really serious with my yoga classes for some time now due to some circumstances beyond my control. I’ll love to start fully again and I believe such retreat would be just fine. Thanks for sharing 

    1. Virendra

      Hi Chloe, I always think that a retreat is a very good opportunity to kickstart you yoga practice again ;). It’s in a relaxed and calm atmosphere, which gives you the time to just enjoy it on your own pace.

  3. Dane

    Hello there, thanks for yet another amazing post. My wife have been working tirelessly and I really wish to give her a surprise package for it. She is a big fan of yoga and would do almost anything just to have time for it because it helps her relax her senses. I feel this would be just he perfect thing to do. I’ll help her set a trip to this wonderful retreat. I’m really glad to be here. 

  4. Anusuya

    Hi there,

    The blue water, surrounded by the mighty pacific ocean, the walking trails, volcanos, and moreover the welcoming attitude of the people makes Hawaii more than an attraction to catch your flight.

    Moreover, the wonderful assorted Yogas that you have described makes it a dream place to visit.

     My laboratory partner at Seattle is a regular Christmas visitor to Hawaii. I am the captive listener of this beautiful vacation spot that his family and friends had enjoyed. It is only a 4 h flight from Seattle Tacoma International airport and makes it an easy gateway for many. 

    I deserve to visit this place at least once, maybe in a rainy season. I will refer back to this post them.

    I am just curious to know is there any reason a meal is skipped in any of these plans?

    Thank you, for making this blogpost as wonderful the beauty of Hawaii. 

    1. Virendra

      Hi Anusuya,

      I’m afraid that I don’t know… I can only think about two reasons, but those might not be it:

      – It could be because of the high cost of living that they only offer two meals to cut costs on the food to do other amazing things. It’s still a business, so they also have to make a profit somehow.

      – The second reason I could think of is that they might wanna give you some time off to do the things that you’d like to do, instead of being stuck on a rigid time schedule.

      But that’s just guessing of course ;). I will try to ask them.

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