My First Yoga Mat


Besides a certified yoga teacher, I’m also a certified Osho meditation facilitator. It’s a course that I followed as I wanted to deepen my spiritual practice. Yoga brought me a lot of things and it certainly got me through my anxiety disorder. Therefore, I’ll always be grateful that yoga came along my path. However, a …

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Yoga Props


When I was putting together my article about the yoga props, I felt like I kept forgetting something. My last article was about yin yoga and then it came to me: BOLSTERS. It’s quite weird that I didn’t think of it before as it is my all-time favorite yoga prop to work with! But what …

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Yoga Reviews

Yoga With Adriene

When you browse through YouTube you’ll find plenty of beginner’s yoga videos. And these days it’s quite hard to find the best of them. With best, I mean: good instructions, good quality videos, capable yoga instructor, etc. This is why I’m going to start a series of yoga teachers on YouTube whom I really like …

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