5 (Online) Private Yoga Retreats Worldwide
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5 (Online) Private Yoga Retreats Worldwide

It looks like a tiny, minuscule little virus is terrorizing the world as we know it, and we aren't really aware how it's going to affect our future. Luckily, there are already many yoga teachers changing their way of doing business and we are going to have a look at them right here! The retreats that I'm going to review…

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Budget Online Yoga Teacher Trainings

When you are reading this article, chances are good that you might be quarantined or that your country is in lockdown mode because of the Coronavirus. Luckily, this doesn't mean that you can't do anything anymore. Thanks to the age of technology, we are now able to do more things online than we could even imagine! So why not try…

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Create A Yoga Retreat at Home

This article is written in a time where there are a lot of uncertainties. We are finding a way to deal with a virus that is affecting our lives drastically. We don't know how long it will last and therefore I'm going to tell you a bit about how to create your own retreat at home! These tips will still…

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Yoga Retreats For Beginners

If you just started out yoga or you'd like to begin a yoga practice, chances are that you are thinking about going on a retreat. You don't have to be afraid to have this wish for yourself, it's absolutely good to think and dream about it and there are even some great options for you to go on your first…

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Yoga In Antwerp

Antwerp, Belgium, the country of chocolate, French fries and many other delicatessens! Not just that, but also the country where I was born. And where my whole yoga adventure began as well. In this article, I'd like to share my favorite yoga studios with you where I always loved to get a great yoga class. Not just this, but my…

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Yoga and Family Retreats Europe

Yoga has been amazing for those who wanted a deeper connection with themselves. What's less said though, is that it can also bring a deeper connection to the people around you. Therefore, within this article, you'll find some great retreats you can do with your family. And no, no couples retreat this time, just some good old childproof family time!…

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