Travel apps for Yogis

It looks like the world is getting smaller every second, more and more we can go wherever we want and whenever we want. Therefore, there are a couple of apps on the market that are great to have when you have a busy travel life. These will be focused on the yoga and meditation world, to make sure that you…

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Detox Yoga Retreats

Detox, detox, detox, you hear it a lot in the past couple of years and it seems like it's a trend. However, detoxing or detoxification has been around for a while already. If you know already about the Shatkarmas, then you know that within yoga there are techniques as well to help you with detoxing. A lot of these techniques…

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Christmas Yoga Retreats in Europe
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Christmas Yoga Retreats in Europe

The holidays are coming up and it's a nice moment to retreat yourself. This is if you aren't that fond of the Christmas and New-Year period at all, of course. Going on a retreat during the Holidays might be nice when you don't look forward to over stuffing yourself with all the turkey that you could get. Or maybe you…

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Osho Festivals Around the World

If you've been a returning visitor to my website, you might have noticed that I'm a follower of Osho and his meditation. If you are new here, then now you know ;). We've all probably seen Wild, Wild, Country on Netflix and we've all got our own opinions formed. And if you are a true yogi, you've let go of…

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Retreats In Nature Europe
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Retreats In Nature Europe

Have you ever dreamed about doing a yoga retreat in nature? Well, then there is some good news for you! The competition between yoga retreats is getting more intense and retreat organizers are getting more creative with retreats to give. Therefore, there are options now as eco yoga retreats, hiking yoga retreats, and more. To make it easier for you,…

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How to behave on a yoga retreat

Since I'm managing a property next to an Ashram, I see many people before, during and after they are at a retreat. There are a couple of things that I've noticed and I'd like to share them with you, just to make sure that you'd get the best out of your retreat. These things I'm going to tell you will…

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8 Amazing Alternative Spiritual Festivals in Europe

Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19 most, whether not all, festivals have been canceled in Europe. However, this list contains yearly recurring festivals, so bookmark this page and come back next year to see them again! Be safe and stay healthy! Summer is over and this also means that the festival season comes to an end. However, this doesn't mean that we…

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