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I’m not talking about the famous movie now of course, but I’m talking about actual yoga retreats for couples! In the movie we’ve seen a lot of disasters during the couple’s retreat, I can assure you though that this will not be the case in your retreat! These retreats will all be about coming closer together with your partner, to unwind from the daily stress in your life and to strengthen your relationship even more.

Strengthening Your Relationship

A lot of people think that it’s mandatory to have relationship issues when you are going on a retreat like this, but that’s not true at all. Even if you already have a good and strong connection with your partner, it might still be good to do a retreat like these. There is nothing better than sharing your passions with your spouse. Of course, for these retreats, it would be better if your better half already is quite into yoga as well.

But why go on a couples retreat? Well, for the first reason that I’ve set already. Yoga will strengthen the bond you have with your spouse. You will find out things that you might not have been aware of, or you might even start seeing each other in a different light while you are working with each other. Yoga is not only a tool for yourself, but it’s also a good way to reflect on how you behave within your relationship.

For example, within my relationship, I am quite aware that I’m sustaining the behavior my partner is showing towards me. He likes that I’m jealous and thus he often shows behavior that will make me jealous. Of course, he is aware of this as well, but if I were to change my response, his reaction will be different too.

How do I get my partner to go on a couples retreat?

This is a hard question. First of all, you can’t force him. Forcing someone to come with you will not (always) end well. You’ll be getting very intimate classes from the teachers organizing this retreat, so if you have someone with you that is not open to this at all, everyone will feel it. Remember the movie ‘Couples Retreat’ to which I’ve been referring to?

If this is something that you want and you feel that your partner might be open to it, go in dialogue. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to say: I want this, so you have to go with me. Find some common ground, look at some mutual things that you think might pursue your partner into going on a retreat.

And the difficult part, if your partner says no, you’re going to have to respect his or her decision.

Without further ado, if your spouse does say yes, then here are some retreats for you!


Kansas, USA

 ConsciousIntimacy.Love (Prices start at US$ 1,300)

At this ranch, you’ll truly image yourself going to Oz soon, somewhere over the rainbow. This place is just perfect for a couples retreat as the dreamy scenery is creating the most romantic atmosphere. Not only the outside looks perfect for a retreat, but after your daily program, you can retreat yourself into one of the bedrooms they have to offer. They have done a lot of thinking about the rooms as they are looking a bit rustic, which is fitting to the area you’ll be in, but at the same time, they are also very dreamy.

The retreat itself will last 4 days and 3 nights, which is perfect for people who aren’t looking for a full retreat or are too busy. For the next retreats, I’ll have some full-on yoga retreats for couples, but I just couldn’t skip this one.


The creators of this retreat, Bill and Barry, are schooled in Kundalini Yoga and Tantra Yoga. This means you won’t only learn techniques to relax more, but you’ll also be taught techniques to stimulate your love life. Tantra is also known as working on the sex center and has a lot of benefits as well. One of them is that you’ll be learning how to reach ecstasy while you are making love. But that’s an article for another time ;).

Before you imagine yourself being part of a cult where you’ll all be naked, there will be no nudity. Of course, what you do in your room is all up to you!

Are you ready to embark on the next level of your relation-SHIP?!


Portland Parish, Jamaica

 Oneness Wellness Farm (Prices Start at US$ 849)

The next one is not specific for couples, but it’s a great one to do with your partner. Or you can just take him and while you are doing the daily program, he can do some things on his own. Anyway, it would be nicer though for him to be able to join you. With this one there is no tantra yoga involved, which makes it a bit more accessible as well if you are not that much into tantra.

The course that you’ll be taking in more of an inner journey, but one that will attack all of your relationships as well. It’s about cleaning up yourself from the inside and living more through the path of love, the way of the hearth. It all sounds a bit airy, I know, but I just can’t describe it in any other way. The thing is that this retreat will be focused on relationships, starting with the relationship with yourself. That’s basically what I meant to say ;).


And best of all, it’s in Jamaica, this means that you can go almost all-year-round as there is a tropical climate there. So, click here if you want to find the way to your heart!

Kampala, Uganda

Wildtroopers (Prices start at US$ 2,463)
Picture by WILDTROOPERS on

How about something really special for your partner? Maybe this one would even be great to do for your anniversary! This is a safari and yoga retreat!

Okay, in this one you probably won’t focus on building up a stronger relationship, but I’m already looking forward to go here on my anniversary. Yoga and Safari is just an amazing combination that I’ve never seen before. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the big five down there in Africa!

Not only the package is blowing my mind, but also the fact that there are a lot of things included, like evacuation insurance. Normally companies like to let you pay a lot of money for insurances as that’s the way that they make some extra bucks out of you. In this package all of this is included:

  • All airport transfers
  • 4×4 custom-built safari vehicle with knowledgeable driver and guide, and fuel
  • Ziwa Rhino Tracking permit
  • One boat cruise on the Nile to the Delta
  • AMREF evacuation insurance
  • A Yoga instructor
  • 8 Yoga Sessions
  • A Yoga Mat
  • Bottled drinking water and assorted soft drinks
  • Visit the source of the Nile
  • Half-day white water Rafting
  • Dinner at the exclusive Jinja sailing club
  • Kampala Pub Crawl
  • City tour/visit botanical gardens
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This has blown my mind. The only downside for me is that this is not focused on yourself, but life shouldn’t always be taken so seriously. So, try to convince your partner to take you to this place if it’s been your dream to visit Africa!


This is my top 3 for yoga retreats for couples that I have found, I’ve tried looking for something for everyone. I like to go very deep when I’m doing yoga or meditation so because of that my preference, which the first two have. If these picks aren’t exactly what you are looking for, then try this website here where you’ll find more couples retreats.

Have a pleasant trip and let me know down below which one has your preference!

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  1. Ivan Brozincevic

    Thanks for sharing these fantastic ideas. A couple’s yoga retreat is something that I would enjoy. Out of those three suggestions, it’s hard to pick the one that would be the best. But I think Jamaica is the winner! Thanks again for sharing your experience with yoga and thought about how it’s a great tool to strengthen your relationship with your partner. I enjoyed reading. Ivan

  2. I have so thankful I came across your page! I LOVE the idea of a couples retreat and spending the entire time relaxing and bonding together. These places look beautiful!

    I have to tell you I love the name of your website and I definitely thought of the movie when I first saw your post! lol

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