Happy New-Year!

2020 has arrived and we close another year. The team behind The Yogi Life For Me likes to wish everyone a happy New Year. May your year be filled with love, laughter and peace. 

Novelties in 2020

For Collaborators

We are closing down the first year of The Yogi Life For Me and we were reflecting upon a lot of things. Our content will not change that much this year, however, we are looking for more guest writers to post their article on our website. If you feel that you would like to write for TYLFM, please write an email to virendra@theyogilifeforme.com. 

What can we offer in return? Well, we will market your article, post them on our social media and in return you’ll get a couple of backlinks to your website or YouTube channel. This way, more traffic will come in to your website!

For Our Readers

What’s going to change or be added for you? We are at the moment in the process of creating more video and audio content just for you. You’ll find some great free meditations and yoga routines in the future. By doing this we want to ensure that we offer great quality in the future and want to emphasize that a home practice should be as low budget as possible. 

Here’s already the first meditation, as a New-Years Gift to you! It’s a very easy and small meditation (15 minutes) that will clear out your auro. Amazing to do this one after all the holidays where you’ve enjoyed the company of many people! Now it’s time to think about yourself and cleanse your auro of all the energies that you were surrounded by.

Advertisements Free

You hate those advertisements while you are reading through an article? Don’t worry, TYLFM has a policy to keep its content as clean and readable as possible. Therefore, we won’t be using any advertising this year either.

Of course, we want to keep our website alive, which is why we work with affiliate marketing. This means that some links on our website will leave a cookie behind and when you decide to book or buy something from one of those links, we will get a commission. This way we want to keep our website alive and be able to write the content that you are all reading at this moment.


That’s it for now, we hope that you started your year with a great kick and that all your dreams may come true this year!

Nama-stay wonderful!


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