Spiritual Healing Quotes Explained

So, we’ve all read a couple of quotes and we have loved them as well. And with that, we’ve also encountered a couple of quotes that we know could help us in the future, yet we aren’t aware of what they are meaning to us at the moment. Therefore, you’ll find several healing quotes with some explanation to it to make sure that you’ll get the most out of them. This way they can inspire you more and they might even stick with you forever.

These quotes are all spiritually inspired to enhance your meditation and/or yoga practice. The list will keep on growing as there are more quotes than that there are words. And I don’t have all the time in the world, so come back every once in a while to discover if some new quotes might be fitting to you!

When you don’t rely on anyone to make you happy, it’s a whole new level of freedom.

This one speaks a little bit to itself already, but still, it might be a good reminder as a lot of people are still looking for happiness out there, instead of within themselves. We’ve all got those friends that are running from one boyfriend or girlfriend to hope they’ll find happiness. Or even those who are living from iPhone to iPhone, hoping that the newer version will resolve all of their issues.

Well, they won’t, and it sounds a bit corny, but true happiness comes from within, believe it or not. It’s easy of course to think that a new car, a new phone or a diamond ring will make you happy, but that’s just shortlived happiness. The moment you get your first scratch on your car, that’s the moment that the material happiness turns into a longing for a new car again.

And this goes for persons as well. If you always have expectations for another person, you might end up disappointed more than that your expectations come true. It’s like that one friend who’s always too late for appointments, you have two choices: or you can bicker and frustrate yourself, or you can just accept the fact that this person’s always gonna be late and do something else while waiting. Meditating for example ;).

If it comes, let it come. If it stays, let it stay. If it goes, let it go.

This is some great wisdom from the Buddha himself. It might be hard to hear, but it is the truth as well. We all know that when we are in a certain situation, a nice one or a harder one, that we would like to hold on or that we want to let go. We can only trust in the flow of life and see whatever comes or goes our way. 

It’s not always easy to go with the flow and this quote is something we all can relate to but most of the time we think: not so easy as it sounds. And of course, it isn’t. But it’s a bit like after the rain comes the sun. There is a coming and going of everything in life. And the moment you put a feeling or emotion to the things you focus on, those things will stay with you.

This means that if you hold on to anger or sadness because of things happening in the past. Or just focusing on all the bad things happening in your life. There will be no more space available for good things, nor will you be able to see them. That’s why this quote is especially good for the modern-day as well, as a lot of people keep on dwelling on old experiences they had.

And as a final note, even good things would be good to let go when it’s time to let them go. Why? Well, when you hold on and try to recreate things that happened in your past, you’ll get disappointed and it will be a lot harder to enjoy and experience other great things that are coming up. Therefore, let go of what you have to let go and you’ll be a lot more aware of the things crossing your path that might be leading to something good.

Change is never painful. Only the resistance to change is painful.

This one is quite similar to the previous one, so it’s a great one to follow up with. I’ve met so many people in my life that felt that life was going to fast and that they wanted everything to stay exactly as it was. Or how many times even that I’ve heard older people say that everything was better in the good old days.

Well, that might be true, but if you keep clinging on to the past, that’s when you miss out on the good things that are bound to happen in your life. Not only that, but it’s also causing pain like said in the quote. When you are not moving forward, you’re not only standing still, but you’re also hurting yourself. 

What I mean with this is that everyone has some resistance against some things. But have you ever thought about how your mind and heart would be if you wouldn’t have some resistance? It would be darn good not having the thoughts that progress is bad and that aging is bad, and many more things. 

Life is so much better when you don’t think too much about it. Of course, you have to think about a couple of things just to make sure that you’re not walking around like a headless chicken. But no-one ever found a lot of grace in over-thinking. So dial down a bit and try to enjoy your life.


That’s about it for now, as I’ve said, this list will be continuously growing, so stay up to date and come to this page now and then to see what’s new!

Also, if you’ve got questions about a special quote of your own, or something that you’ve received from someone. Please feel free to ask for some help in the comment section below, and we’ll see if we can help you! Also, if you’ve got a favorite quote of your own, we’d love to hear about those as well!

And for now, Nama-stay wonderful!

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