We don’t always have the time for holidays. But yet again, they are super important to have every once in a while. If you are that person, you might be able to benefit from these 3 weekend yoga retreats in Florida.

So, if you are from Florida and you’d like a quick getaway, this list will be highly suitable for you and will energise you instantly!

If you are from everywhere else in the world, maybe it might be a good idea to combine one of these retreats with something extra ;).

3 Weekend Yoga Retreats in Florida

Weekend retreat Jacksonville

Divine Healing Inc.
Price: US$ 657
            Aug. 15th – 17th
            Oct. 4th – 6th
            Oct. 25th – 27th
            Nov. 1s – 3rd

If you choose this one, you’ll be getting a proper spiritual healing retreat for yourself. You’ll be rebalancing your chakras, recharge yourself with yoga, and many more things.

This retreat is an absolute must when you are looking for some me-time and you can’t be too long away from the homefront.

The retreat itself will only last for three days, making it ideal for all the busy moms out there. Just put your husband on kids duty and take some time for yourself!

Picture by Divine Healing Inc. on BookRetreat.com

Wine And Yoga in Santa Rosa Beach

Mind & Body Complete
Price: US$ 1.795
Date: Oct. 22 – 25th

If it doesn’t have to be all too serious for you, then this one is ideal.

You’ll be enjoying some daily yoga and meditation session. But at the same time, you can bond with your fellow retreaters over a bottle of wine.

This way you can relax by doing yoga and enjoy by sipping your glass of wine.

You can even whine a bit to the other participants, just make sure that it’s with full awareness :).

Give that hubby of yours some chores to keep him busy during this weekend, while you are sitting next to the bonfire eating some s’mores! And yes, they do include a fire ceremony into their package!

Picture by Mind & Body Complete on BookRetreats.com

Beach yoga retreat in destin

Summerwind Cuda
Price: US$ 759
Date: Sept. 17th – Sept 20th
          Nov. 12th – Nov. 15th

This retreat is combining Yoga with Health Coaching.

So, your day will start in the morning with some meditation and yoga, after that you’ll be getting some coaching sessions and during the rest of the day you are free to do what you want.

Or if you don’t want to have a load of free time you can ask the retreat leader for some great excursions to make.

This is if you don’t like reading a book at the beach or a dip in the heated pool.

And if you like to take it a step further, you can decide to take a juice cleanse. Just to prepare your body for a full detox and to let it rejuvenate again.

Oh, and by the way, this retreat starts with some champagne, just FYI ;).

Picture by Summerwind Cuda on BookRetreats.com
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