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In my previous articles I mentioned Tim and Adriene. Both are more hatha and vinyasa orientated and I felt that there was a bit of a gap in all of my articles and reviews. With that I mean that I feel that lately I’ve been more talking about the more active kind of yoga styles and I haven’t really been promoting all the other yoga styles. That’s why I had a look at some YouTube channels to see if I could find a good one with some softer yoga styles. And I did!

Yin Yoga

But before I’m gonna talk more about Yoga with Kassandra, I’ll give a bit more of an explanation about yin yoga. So this style is more focused on the meditation part of yoga and not so much about the physical movement. Normally within Yin Yoga you hold poses on for a longer amount of time. Advanced yogi’s even go into a pose for about 15 minutes. Within this type of yoga there are not a lot of “crazy” poses you’d normally go into, but that doesn’t mean that it’s less challenging. Because you hold the pose for a longer amount of time you’ll feel a deep stretch in your muscles. And yes, sometimes that can be quite painful. However, I always feel when I’m doing yin yoga and I’m really aware of my breath, that it’s easier to get into the pose and there’s also a stronger relieve when you control your breathing.

I’ve also talked a bit about the meditative part of yin yoga. Because your in a pose longer, it also means that you are really watching your body and that you really become aware of everything you feel inside your body. It’s quiet confrontational at the beginning. I’ve seen people that couldn’t even move a couple of inches going into a pose because their body was so stuck. When I talked to them after the class (which I was attending myself as I’m not a yin teacher) they did tell me that they really felt something happening, that they could feel that their body was moving, that they were able to go deeper into the pose, even if it was just slightly.

I would really recommend this style to people who are more into developing some flexibility in their body as this style is focused on stretching the muscles and connective tissue. And it’s not just physical, but I also feel that your body reflects on your state of mind. So the more flexible your body is, usually the more flexible your mind is as well.


So the channel “Yoga with Kassandra” is a nice place to find some good yin yoga classes. I’ve watched a couple of them and I really like the way that she gives her classes. She’s very calm and she doesn’t talk a lot while in the poses. It’s always good for a teacher to find the balance between giving too much or too little instructions. Especially when it comes down to a yin class, because you stay longer in the poses it’s always hard to tell for a teacher when you have to say something and when not. I went to a couple of classes where the teacher wasn’t saying anything at all while in the pose. I can tell you that it’s quiet weird when they do that, because it feels a bit that you are hanging somewhere. I also had a few classes where they talked too much and then the meditation part of the pose just gets diminished.

She just doesn’t offer yin yoga classes, but she also offers other styles as well. And she also has a lot of videos for beginners. This is particularly nice as you are just starting out your own yoga practice. Besides yoga, she also gives some life-style tips such as how to take care of yourself. In yoga, it’s also about being good and true to yourself. Sometimes it seems hard because you have to be true to yourself, but at the same time you also have to be good to others. At times, it might seem like those two are contradicting their selves, as sometimes it might look that you need to be rude to others to look after yourself. For example, your friend’s asking you to go to the cinema, but you feel tired and you don’t want to go. For a very long time I would’ve just said yes to please my friends. However, I’ve reached the point where I can just say “no”. Sometimes it looks rude, but you can just tell others that you need some time for yourself. But it’s all about finding that balance.

Another nice thing about Kassandra is that she also gives some tips to (beginning) yoga teachers. This one is more for me of course as I’m a yoga teacher ;). But it just shows how versatile her videos are. I just hope that for the future she will focus a bit more or make a series of videos. At the moment it’s a bit weird to see her reviewing a product right next to a video about meditation.

The one thing I didn’t like about her videos, and this is the only one I could find, is that her disclaimer is quiet messy and a bit over exposed in the beginning of the video. It is necessary to have a disclaimer, I don’t second that, it’s just that there are some nice and sober fonts out there to make it look stylish and modern.


I wanted to dedicate a special part to props as well. Because I have to say that yin yoga (and restorative yoga) always use a lot of props. I’m glad that Kassandra has videos dedicated to yin yoga without props. However, props can be a very good tool to get deeper into the pose during yin yoga, or to relax a bit more during this style. I’ve written this article about it where I explain a bit more about props.


Anyway, if you are looking for a more quiet style of yoga, the channel of Kassandra is the place to be. She has a lot to offer and if you’d be interested, she also offers a teacher training course. I wouldn’t do it myself personally as I don’t like those online training courses. I do can imagine that it might be nice for people who are not able to access a training course somewhere in their neighborhood.

That’s it for now, if you do have any more questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below!

Nama-stay wonderful everyone.

10 thoughts on “Yoga With Kassandra”

  1. I do love meditation and yoga. Thanks for explaining yin yoga which helps for body and mind as well. I do meditation sometimes but never tried yoga before. I didn’t know much about this. I subscribed Yoga with Kassandra youtube channel. I will check the videos in my free time. How much time do I have to spend each day on yoga? Thanks for the article. 

    1. Hi Fahim, there is really no guidelines how much time you have to spend on yoga each day. It all depends on you, I do recommend not to be too fanatic as that also isn’t really what the yoga philosophy is about. Feel how your mind and body are handling with some classes in the beginning and see what suits you best.

  2. So I just commented on your post about Tim’s channel, and came across this post as well. I’m definitely most interested with Kassandra’s videos in my opinion. I am more interested in meditation, and if I were to take up yoga any time soon, I’d prefer it to be more like Yin Yoga I think. Do you suggest maybe doing some of Kassandra’s beginner yoga videos and then moving on to her Yin Yoga videos? Or do you think a beginner can just start her Yin Yoga videos? Let us all know! Thanks!

    1. Hi again Jeremy, so I’ve read your comment on my other article about Tim as well. If you are experiencing some issues with your shoulder and neck pain, I’d definitely wouldn’t recommend Tim for that, especially as a beginner. He’s more into vinyasa yoga which is quite fast paced. This means that if you start with little knowledge of the different poses, that you’ll get lost very quickly and might even injure yourself. With Yin yoga that’s something different. If you’d like to go into that immediately, I would do it if I were you. Yin yoga is really slow and Kassandra gives great instructions as well. Also read my article about Adriene, she offers some videos that are specifically targeting issues that you might have with your body. I’m sure you’ll find some short videos there for your neck and shoulder pain. Also I’ve read something about your recurring head aches, I don’t know if you’ve been to a physician yet, but if your muscles in your neck are too tight or blocked somehow, that might cause recurring head aches. Hope that answers all the questions that you had, feel free to ask more if you feel like!

  3. YOGA, I have so wanted to start doing yoga for such a long time. I follow so many people on Instagram. I have my daily information but I still have not started. The meditation is one of the things I really need as I am at a place in my life where I want to find my inner peace to help me with managing from day to day.

    The video was also very helpful and has a ton of ideas for this that I will definitely try. You make them look so easy, relaxing and a way to definitely exercise your body.

    1. Hi Stacii, thank you for your comment! I hope one day you will find out the benefit of yoga yourself as well ;). Just as a tip, it’s nice to follow some people on instagram, but stay true to yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. It’s hard sometimes as there are so many shots to find on instagram that look stunning, but it’s really about the journey within! Take care and let me know if you’ve started your first yoga practice!

  4. Hi! Thank you for searching the Internet for us and finding good yoga instructors. I like Kassandra’s teaching style. Yeah, she very calm and has the right balance between talking too much or talking nothing at all. And her Yin Yoga approach seems just right for starters. I appreciate your recommendation.

    1. Thanks for your comment Henry! It sure isn’t easy these days to find some good free videos online as there are so many yoga teachers at the moment sharing their wisdom! I will keep looking and keep informing you!

  5. Yoga happened to be one of my favorite exercise when I was in school. My knowledge in yoga was not actually deep, I only known the breathe holding stuff. Whenever am having difficulty in understanding and assimilation when am preparing for exams, I normally go on breathe holding yoga. This usually give me what I wanted and triggered my likeness for yoga ever since. I want to resume full time on yoga and an glad I have seen the coach to take me through- Kassandra. Thanks for this review.

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