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The next one in line within the free yoga videos is Tim Senesi. He’s also one of the first yogi’s I discovered when I was in my first year of doing yoga. Unfortunately he changed channels since then, and a lot of the videos that I used to enjoy are gone now. However, he still offers a lot of videos and at the same time he also offers a 30-day yoga challenge. So if you’re new to yoga, this might be a good way to see if it is something for you.

Yoga With Tim

His channel is called “Yoga With Tim” and it offers a wide variety of different yoga videos. He has a lot of different types of videos, like yoga for neck pain, yoga for weight loss, etc. So this channels has something to offer for almost everyone. I do have to say that I really loved his early work and I can’t really judge his newer content. He always used to have a high paced yoga practice and it always felt that my body was getting a full workout. He still offers videos to work on your body of course, and they’re also very good. I just liked the old ones better.

Most of Tim’s videos are practiced with Vinyasa Yoga. So if you’ve read some of my previous articles, you know by now that this is a vigorous style of yoga. Truth be told, I love his flows, even if they were sometimes a bit too hard on me. But then again, I wouldn’t recommend them for people who are looking for a more relaxed style of yoga.

Comparing this channel to Adriene’s channel, I have to say that hers is looking a lot better and has more content on it. Tim’s new channel hasn’t got that many videos as Adriene‘s at the moment. Although, he created this channel in 2018, so that means that he still has a lot of time to update his content, and maybe it’s also nice to follow him now when he’s not having that many videos. This because Adriene‘s profile at times offers so much that it’s hard to find the video that is perfect for you.


So Tim‘s YouTube channel with free yoga videos is ideal for people who are looking for quite a fast paced yoga workout. You can be sure that every muscle will be used when you are doing yoga with him. He also has some meditation videos to offer if that is something that you’d like. In the past I haven’t seen a lot of videos of him with more information about the yoga philosophy though. It might also seem that he is a bit superficial as he is offering a lot of videos that are focused on muscles or weight loss. This was a bit a downside for me, as yoga to me has a holistic approach to it connecting mind and body.

That’s it for now, hope you’ll enjoy some of his videos. If you are still looking for a yoga mat that is suitable for you, then don’t forget to check out this article here. And for the men among us, here is a good mat for you as well.

Nama-stay wonderful everyone!

12 thoughts on “Yoga With Tim”

  1. Hey there,

    I haven’t done any Yoga in my life, but I hear that it is a good practice for light exercise and calmness. The fact that this channel has a lot of videos for Yoga for different purposes is great. 

    What would you suggest to an amateur like me, to start with?



    1. Hi Marios,

      In the article you find a link to my other article, I think if you’ve never done any yoga, this would be a nice fit for you, Adriene offer nice and light instructions and her style isn’t to hard as well! Thank you for your comment and let me know how you find your first yoga lesson 🙂 

  2. Thanks for the article on Yoga With Tim. I do exercise and meditation sometimes. But I never tried yoga before. I know there is some mental and health benefit of yoga. I can see there are really some useful yoga tutorials on his channel. It is really helpful. I subscribed the youtube channel s that I can check the videos later.  Thank you again for the article. 

    1. That’s great to hear! And I think Tim with be a nice fit for you when you do exercises as well. Take care!

  3. This is really cool. Its been a goal for me this summer to get my body, mind, and spirit in check and I read that yoga can help with all those things. I also read that it can relieve stress which is huge for me because sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with the responsibilities I have to handle on a daily basis. However, it don’t know much about yoga and I am sure that I am not that flexible YET lol. But I am glad I came across your article, because this was exactly what I was looking for. I am definitely going to subscribe to your YouTube channel and share this article on my Facebook. Great article, very helpful.

    1. It sure can Garrett ;)! And I think with Tim you’re gonna be at the right place! He’s not that focused on flexibility, but more on muscle, so don’t worry about that. And thank you for sharing!

  4. My wife is always trying to get me into yoga, but I’ve never really gotten into it. I know there are a ton of benefits. She says it would help me with my shoulder and neck pain and would probably help me with my chronic headaches that I get. It sounds like from your writing that Tim’s channel isn’t the way to go if you’re a beginner? Correct me if I’m wrong of course. It would be nice to know if I ever stumble across his channel later down the road (and maybe for others reading this). If his channel isn’t the best for beginners, what would you recommend as a beginner yogi? Thanks for sharing and I appreciate the answers to my questions if you can get to them! 🙂

    1. Hi Jeremy, thank you for your comment. I’ve seen that you already found your way to Kassandra’s review of me ;). I’m gonna answer that one more elaborately and answer all your questions there!

  5. Hi Tim, this was a nice article.  really appreciate the fact that you constructed such an easy to read blog. The video was a plus for sure and the 7-day challenge is something that I am definitely considering. You made the workout sessions look so easy and effortless and now I really want to try them out.

    Thank a lot and keep them coming.

    1. Thanks Stacii for your comment, I’m not Tim though, I just wrote a review on his youtube channel as I love his videos ;). 

  6. Tim is really good on Yoga, I just clicked on the video!

    Technology has really advanced, one can learn how to do almost anything on the internet. But i guessed, beginning a Yoga practice on your own without an instructor giving real-time feedback sets you up for Injury, (just thinking).

    By looking at Tim and other Yoga videos online here, people who only read about yoga, and try to do it from an online resource are likely to susceptible to injury.

    Don’t you think So?

    1. I do have to say that I’d always recommend a live yoga class over a video yoga class. I think in one of my articles I’ve mentioned this as well. There is always a hazard of injuring yourself of course. However, when you do yoga, you should really be aware of your body, because that’s what it’s all about doing the poses. Which means that if it doesn’t feel good somewhere, that you might be doing something wrong. And then it’s better to be in a yoga class with an instructor as they can correct your pose into such a way that you are doing it right and thus prevent injury. Thank you for this comment and your concern Bibian!

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